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FLOGmall is a platform of bulletin boards for online stores that brings together sellers and customers of products/services with tokens all around the world. This is an affordable, free resource with a comprehensible interface and easy start of sales from anywhere in the world.

FLOGmall provides a discount of up to 600% on MLC tokens for ICO participants and the ability for further realisation of tokens with the help of ATES even before entering crypto exchanges!

ATES: is an automatic service for exchanging of Mallcoin tokens (MLC) between previous holders and platform users.

Who will be interested in FLOGmall?

1. Buyers
Millions of everyday goods, a lower price, payment with any altcoins, increased cashback, a safe transaction with the help of a smart contract, transparent transactions.

2. Sellers (professional and private)
Free platform for private sellers, minimal service fees for professional sellers, saving on commissions of payment systems, a new modern video format LiveStore, a new sales market with a solvent audience, buyers from all around the world.

3. Holders of any cryptocurrency
Purchase of goods for any altcoins obtained during the previous stages of third-party ICO or in another way.

4. Miners
Encouraging the growth of the extracted cryptocurrency, an additional method of implementation of tokens for goods.

5. Traders
Encouraging the growth of most altcoins, conditional capitalization of Mallcoin (MLC) with access to exchanges, market pricing of Mallcoin (MLC).

Project tasks

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