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Connectius is a Blockchain as a service solution for e - commerce. 
We helps any e-commerce store to save money they lose on fraud transactions.
Total online retail purchase volume in US in 2016 was 460 bil. Up to 8% of their revenues last year have spend on fraud transactions.
Typical e-commerce spends 25% of OpEX to Fraud Management.

Our service allows any e-commerce store to deal with their Customers using a smart-contract. It guarantees to have less fraud for the store and makes transactions more secure for the customers. By reducing the expenses on fraud any e-commerce can reduce the costs of its goods/services for the customer and become more competitive on the market. With the help of the Connectius underlying model we develop the universal discount system for all the e-commerce worldwide and provide the user acquisition.


Our solution will be powered by our Token CNTT. Token will be used as a mean of payment. Then, Token also makes the smart-contracts run. The price will be shown and fixed in USD, but paid either in Tokens or in US Dollars. Payment in US Dollars option is provided by an external cryptocurrency exchange’s service via widget. Once you decided to pay in US Dollars, just open the widget, fill out forms and the widget will transfer US Dollars to the exchange for converting it to Tokens automatically. After that, Tokens will be returned back and processed by smart contract as if the payment was made in Tokens. So, the e-commerce will receive the payment in Tokens anyway, either Consumer paid with Tokens or with US Dollars.Our solution can be easily integrated into any existing e-commerce store or any platform, like eBay, so they become our partners. The more partners will use our solution, the more popular our Token becomes.

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