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Minesteria is a first interactive online platform, where you can learn about blockchain projects and mine coins by using your brain!

MINE with your MIND!

Lots of interesting games, videos and texts with interactive tasks for fun learning about blockchain projects. No more boring reading of the White Papers or website contents. Now it is fun and profitable!

For each completed task you earn MINE Coins (or its portion) depending on your overall activity and activity of all users. Therefore, the more tasks you complete, the more MINE Coins you receive.

Click on tasks_picture to see all task of each projects.

Complete tasks marked by flashlight_picture and receive points.

Every hour, Minesteria will distribute 1,000 MINE Coins among all active users who competed tasks during the previous hour. Different tasks have different weight in points, which are indicated in the parentheses next to the task. All tasks with a flashlight_picture sign are eligible to participate in the MINE Coins distribution.

You will see the combined number of earned points in your account. Upon conversion to the MINE Coins, you will see the increase in a number of the MINE Coins you earned, while your balance of points will be reset to zero. You can start accumulating new points by completing new tasks.

For each social media sharing marked by coin_picture, you will receive an entire MINE Coin. Sharing is a bonus activity and is additional to the distribution system. To receive the MINE Coin for sharing, please send a link to your social media publication to our support team. For each verified social media sharing, you will receive Mine Coins within 24 hours from verification.

The more MINE Coins you have, the higher in status you will grow.

Currently, there are three status levels:

1) Beginner Minester (0 – 999 MINE)

2) Advance Minester (1,000 – 9,999 MINE)

3) Expert Minester (10,000 MINE and up)

Each status comes with its own bonuses and benefits, which could be offered by Minesteria or projects listed on the Minesteria platform.

Start mining now!

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